If you have Comcast Triple Play or Xfinity Voice, then you must buy an approved voice modem with a phone jack such as the ARRIS SVG2482AC, Motorola MT7711 or Netgear C7100v Nighthawk.

If you have Xfinity Triple Play, there is no way around buying a compatible voice modem. Sure it may cost more upfront, but it will still save you money in the long run because you will no longer be paying the $14 a month rental fees. It will also provide you with the newer technology and more advanced higher-performing wifi cable modem with a phone jack and a built-in wireless router.

The highly-rated Netgear C7100v is a combo modem router, meaning you do not have to purchase a separate wireless router, you get both in one device. A high speed 24 downstream channel DOCSIS 3.0 EMTA voice modem, and a powerful wireless gateway for Comcast Xfinity Triple Play Internet.

A full chart containing all of the important factors for choosing a voice modem designed specifically to work with your Xfinity Triple Play package.

Compare Xfinity Voice Modems List

MODEL #: C7100V MT7711 SVG2482AC CM500V CM1150V
CHIP SET: Broadcom Broadcom Puma 6 Broadcom Broadcom
MODEM & ROUTER: Yes Yes Yes No No
PHONE JACK: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DOWNLOAD CHANNELS: 24 24 24 16 232
MAX DOWNLOAD: 500Mbps 650Mbps 500Mbps 200Mbps 1Gbps
WIRELESS AC: AC1900 AC1900 AC1750 No WiFi No WiFi
USB PORTS: (2) USB None None None None
AMAZON PRICE: Price price check Price price check Price price check Price price check Price price check

Xfinity Voice Modem with Router Combo

silver voice modem for comcastVoice Modem and WiFi Router in One

Netgear C7100V: Top Combo Voice Choice. Amazon Price

Motorola MT7711: Clear 2nd Choice and much cheaper. Amazon Price

Arris SVG2482AC:  Least favorite choice. Amazon Price.